MATECIA Exhibition 22nd, 23rd & 24th September 2023, HARRISON : Hall-5FF | Stall-X6, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, INDIA.

Harrison is thrilled to announce the upcoming MATECIA exhibition at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, on 22nd, 23rd, and 24th September 2023. As an active participant, Harrison will showcase their innovative products at Hall-5FF | stall-X6. This event is a golden opportunity for dealers, distributors, architects, builders, and interior designers to explore the latest offerings and engage in fruitful collaborations. Harrison extends a warm invitation to all industry professionals to join this remarkable event and witness cutting-edge solutions that redefine the realms of architecture and design. Don't miss the chance to be part of this inspiring showcase of creativity and excellence.

Navratan मंथन Meet

Navratan "मंथन" Meet Meet & Greet Held At Punjabi Bagh Office On 13th May’ 2023.

दैनिक जागरण NEWS

दैनिक जागरण NEWS चाबी के ताले से डिजिटल लॉक्स तक का हरीसन ने सफ़र किया तय

Manthan Meet & Greet Held At Punjabi Bagh Office On 13th March’ 2023- Feedback For Growth & Progress

Informal discussions were held with Major Distributors and issues/suggestions were invited regarding introduction of “The Smart Modular Kitchen” in Anil Locks Private Limited. Office atmosphere/dealings/services were appreciated and no issues were raised regarding various compliances. There was general appreciation for expeditious reverts to all inquiries/queries. We got a bat on our back for efficiency and holding our ears towards the field. Feedback received in the informal meetings is always inspiring for us. Suggestions received including range diversification of kitchen division are being implemented. Our positive attitude was appreciated which is testimony to our general acceptance and helps us stay motivated, at all times.

Participation in HBLF Show Exhibition

We participated in India’s largest architectural & interior products HBLF show exhibition at Helipad exhibition centre, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, held during 13th to 16th May 2022. Our stall no. 27 at Hall No- 11 attracted maximum footfalls. We were the biggest representative amongst 200 locks and hardware companies around India and received enormous response.


Our idea of holding Manthan meetings proved very fruitful during 2021-2022. New ideas brought out by distributors/ sales force were discussed - threadbare and implemented – we, now, also propose to suitably recognize/award those giving dynamic ideas and carry on the idea during financial year 2022-23 with more emphasis on new ideas.

The Elite Recognition

The elite magazine recognized CEO Sh. Umang Monga as the most impressive Indian at a function organized at London Tower Bridge, Aligarh, in the presence of elite team of TV anchor-journalists like Rajat Sharma and prominent industrialists like Ananya Birla.

ET Leadership Award Presented to Mr Umang Monga CEO of Harrison Group

Celebrating Excellence in Business Leadership Congratulations to Sh. Umang Monga, the Harrison family, and all our well-wishers on this momentous achievement. Rukna Mana Hai: Progress knows no bounds.

हरीसन ग्रुप के सीईओ को मिला लीडरशिप अवॉर्ड फॉर एक्सीलेंस, अमर उजाला की बड़ी न्यूज़

अलीगढ़ (वि)। हरीसन ग्रुप के सीईओ उमंग मोंगा को नेतृत्व कौशल और दूरदर्शी दृष्टिकोण में उल्लेखनीय योगदान के लिए एक मीडिया ग्रुप ने लीडरशिप अवार्ड फॉर एक्सीलेंस ने नवाजा है। दिल्ली स्थित एक होटल में गत दिवस आयोजित कार्यक्रम में दिल्ली प्रदेश भाजपा के अध्यक्ष वीरेंद्र सचदेवा और बालीवुड अभिनेत्री रकुलप्रीत ने श्री मोंगा को अवार्ड प्रदान कर सम्मानित किया। श्री मोंगा ने कहा कि अवार्ड मिलना उनके लिए गौरव का क्षण है। यह अवार्ड हरीसन ग्रुप टीम के सामूहिक प्रयास को दर्शाता है। कंपनी का लक्ष्य दरवाजे और रसोई हार्डवेयर क्षेत्र में अपनी स्थिति मजबूत करना है। अपने प्रमुख पेशकशों के साथ-साथ हरीसन ग्रुप द किचन, हैंस, एसएंडटी, ई-डोर उत्पादों को पेश करने के लिए उत्साहित है।

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